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    Denver, Colorado is an excellent place to design and build a custom home.

    With the Rockies in your backyard and a vibrant city with lots to offer, Denver has consistently ranked at the top of the list for best places to live in the country. These outstanding credentials in combination with the growing population have caused the existing inventory of homes to plummet. With fewer and fewer options available in the metro area, now is a perfect time to consider building your dream home in the Denver area. Learn more about the advantages of working with an architect to design and build your home, and how the COLLAB Architecture team can help make this project a reality.

    On the fence about designing and building your dream home? It can be an overwhelming endeavor but with the right team of architects and designers, it can be a very worthwhile experience. This is especially true when you’re building in a great city like Denver.

    Here are some benefits of working with an architect to design and build a new home in the Denver, Colorado area.


    One of the greatest advantages of designing your home is having all the features you desire. Each space is intentional and functions to your needs. Whether you’re interested in an elaborate home gym setup or a home movie theatre, these are all features that your architect can help you evaluate and work into your design so that it perfectly matches your needs while matching the style of your home.

    *This idea of creating dedicated spaces has become increasingly important in this last year. We’ve watched our homes work overtime to fulfill the needs of an office, a learning environment, a gym, and so much more. By utilizing smart space planning, your team of architects can ensure that every space is purposefully designed for you and your family. Pandemic or not, the needs of homes are changing and thoughtful design is more valuable than ever before.


    Oftentimes older homes are more separated and closed off with limited storage and poor traffic flow. By working with an architect to build a new home, you are able to take advantage of a more modern design with open floor plans, large windows, and excellent built-in storage solutions. All of these features improve the functionality and the resale value of your home.

    In addition to a modern floorplan, designing and building a new home gives you the opportunity to take advantage of other modern features including improved energy efficiency and the latest technologies. Today’s materials and building standards have drastically changed to improve the safety and energy efficiency in a home. With so many options for insulation, lighting, plumbing, and much more, your architect can help you find long-term savings through thoughtful design. Many of these energy-efficient materials and designs benefit the environment as well.

    The latest technologies can also be easily incorporated into your new design. Smart home systems allow homeowners to centrally control everything from heating and air conditioning to music through an iPad or their phone. Other advantages include security systems, cameras, sensors, and monitors for leaks or fires, and more.

    living room design


    Architects are true problem solvers. They will address your needs and desires for the space first and foremost, but they will take those requirements and transform them into something visually and aesthetically appealing. A design that has character, purpose, and style that suits your taste and preferences.


    It’s no secret that real estate in Denver has become extremely valuable. Homes that are well designed functionally and aesthetically will have even greater value in homeowner satisfaction and potential resale value. The right architects will always plan for your future and ensure that the design is well-engineered and well-executed. Investing in your home is something that you can feel good about.


    Choosing materials can be overwhelming for a variety of reasons. You want it to have the right look while also meeting the needs of the space and feeling congruous with the rest of the house. Additionally, you want to make sure that you are selecting materials that are within your budget. Architects are well versed in a broad range of materials and will be an advocate in helping you select the right ones for your project.

    From another perspective, they have knowledge of the Denver area and the architectural history to help you select designs and materials that are fitting to the neighborhood, the climate, and the look you are trying to achieve within those parameters.


    A major advantage of hiring an architect to help you design your home is having an advocate you trust throughout the process. Building a home is an extremely personal endeavor that can be overwhelming and exhausting at times. When you choose to work with an architect, they get to know you and your needs from the beginning of the project. They will look out for your best interests from the concept of the design, to negotiating with a contractor, to any potential changes that need to be made throughout the building process. Because there are so many technical decisions involved with building a home, it’s important to have someone experienced and knowledgeable in your corner to ensure the vision of your project is maintained throughout. They can offer creative solutions to problems that arise from a design perspective that stays in line with the goals for the project. (Are you looking for an architect you can trust? Contact COLLAB Architects to help you with your next Denver project!)

    As you can see, there are several major benefits to working with an architect on building your dream home in Colorado. Whether you’re looking to build big or small, having an experienced team of designers can really improve the look, function, and feel of your home. Not to mention they will make the process much easier. Have questions about designing your dream home in Denver? Contact us below.

    Architectural Designer Reviewing Plans

    Image of Architectural Designer Reviewing Plans

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